Monthly Archives: December 2014

Willie Dynamite

Oh, man. This is gonna be good. I haven’t been this excited in a long time. I’m not even kidding, Alarmers. When you view the world with an eye as cynical as mine, there aren’t that many things that you can look forward to. Still, there are the little things that make life worth living. […]

White Out

Because of the recent Sony hacking incident, conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh got wind that the producers of the James Bond movies were considering casting Idris Elba once Daniel Craig finishes his run as the suave super spy. If they go through with it, it would be huge, since every actor who’s ever portrayed the character […]

ALARMED Nation News: 12/24/14

Alarmed Nation what up?! It’s Christmas Eve! Sorry about not broadcasting Sunday, or getting the news to you sooner, but we’ve had a lot on our plates. Last night the Queen of Alarmed Nation, Miss O, tore down the stage at Milk River (960 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn) for her birthday, backed the RGK Band. It […]