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ALARMED Nation News: 3/30/15

Alarmed Nation what up?! We’re back after having to take a week off. We were graced with the presences of Johwell Baptiste of NegusWorld Wide (, who came to promote the annual NegusWorld Wide Party in Brazil May 9th. Verneda Adele of Human Intonation ( also came through to promote her socially aware T-shirts. All […]

New Jack City

In the 1980s, inner-city communities all over America were ravaged by the increasing popularity of crack cocaine. Its low price, coupled with its narcotic strength and highly addictive properties, led to drug dealers scrambling to control local markets, often with violence. Meanwhile, addicts were firmly in the drug’s grip, not only stealing but also selling […]

Boxed Out Productions presents… The Coolest Summer Shorts (A Short Film Competition)

The Coolest Summer Shorts is the first event of its kind for Boxed Out Productions’ Katie Mack and Okema T. Moore. As avid film lovers, burgeoning filmmakers and respecters of the challenges and triumphs of the independent creative, the ladies wanted to provide a chic, cool and fun environment to celebrate the work of other […]

This Rule Is So Underrated…

This story, told here in a condensed form, was originally told on the March 8th, 2015 episode of The Alarmed Show. Sometimes – hell, most times – friends and work don’t mix. Years ago, I worked in a chocolate-themed restaurant with a young man we’ll call Michael. He’d already been there for a month or […]