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To define my experience accurately

Facebook is marketing the device, called Portal, as a way for its more than 2 billion users to chat with one another without having to fuss with positioning and other controls. The device features a camera that uses artificial intelligence to automatically pan and zoom as people move around during calls. These speakers can serve […]

Is it self conviction? I don know

I find the soft finger attachment to be less intense as well. I go through periods of time where I won use it at all just because the stimulation it gives is so much milder. However cheap sex toys, I do find times when I prefer it. Back to that question, then: If these songs […]

This product gets very soapy, and I love that

I got with a black man one time who apologized in advance for his seven inch show er cock. I exclaimed vibrators, “Why the hell are you apologizing?” I mean, talk about a buzzkill! He said he worried about being a disappointment in the size department, since all black men are supposed to be hung […]