About the Crew… 1

Charlie Biggs the Arsonist

Host / Writer

Charlie 0088

Brooklyn-born rapper/producer Charlie Biggs has accomplished much before deciding on a career in radio. Beginning at the age of 11, he made appearances in talent showcases and recorded several songs by himself and with other artists before co-founding the Alarmed Crew. He has performed at the New York State Theater at Lincoln Center in March 2003 when he was 18 and again in April 2004, when he was 19. Less than two weeks after his second Lincoln Center appearance, he became the first rapper to perform at the United Nations. This was followed by a third appearance at Lincoln Center for the third year in a row in April 2005, greeting Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Biggs has appeared in off-Broadway productions, including Hip-Hop Cabaret 1, Hip-Hop Cabaret 2, Have You Ever Seen A Dream Rapping?, and Hip Hop Cabaret 3. In addition to his writing duties, he became assistant producer to Mr. L in 2009, graduating to co-producer in 2013. Biggs is an aspiring voiceover artist.



Poet / Comedian













The spoken word poet known as Green Leaf Squeak will not only control your emotions with his unique style of visual poetry but also spark laughter with his witty humor. He is a Brooklyn native who has a lot to say, and demands attention. He has traveled the country with his talent and counseling inner-city youth and the homeless.

His most notable performances include Youth Onstage’s Hip Hop Cabaret series, Have You Ever Seen A Dream Rapping?, and several spoken word lounges in the city. His comedic style is quick, clever and sarcastic.


Mr. L

Producer / Engineer


Also know as the “Voice Of A Reason, not necessarily a good one or bad one.” He has contributed his talents as a producer, performance coach and writer for years in different forums of entertainment. He is the key producer of MooreBeats Studio and managing partner of Radyle Entertainment. In this production he has been assigned as music director.

His professional career in music started at Motown for BivTen Records as a music producer and consultant. L’s experience in producing also includes audio production for commercials, movies and jingles for websites. He is currently a underground music producer working on current projects for new upcoming artists which includes The Brooklyn Kingz and S&H.

His exposure to radio and media production started with him as co-creator and producer for The Alarmed Show, and was co-host and producer of the Winter Castro Radio Show on 1100AM in Rockland County, NY. His past radio experience includes production and co-hosting of the young fresh inspirational show The Yes Hour on One Caribbean Radio. His quick witty ways of producing media, music and shows provides a dynamic experience that helps communicate the point of views that each product requires.

New ventures now include producing video in different media formats. With the Winter’s Real Talk Show he has directed, filmed and produced content for the Internet for over 3 years including interviews with celebrities and comedic shorts. His music experience helped to grow his talent as a music video director with over a dozen videos completed in two years. In 2012, his television production of ALARMEDSHOW TV debuted on Brooklyn Public Network and was a great success.


  1. A dedicated talented group of young men,giving radio a much needed shot in the arm.