ALARMED Nation News: 1/5/15

Alarmed Nation what up?!

Since we’re on vacation, naturally there won’t be any new broadcasts for awhile. Instead you can subscribe to our podcast, whether straight off the site or on iTunes. We will return February 15th for all-new broadcasts. We’ve got big plans for 2015, and you’re gonna wanna watch, listen, and read.

Don’t forget: Tuesday (January 6th) is our next broadcast of ALARMEDSHOW TV. It all goes down at 10:00 pm EST on Brooklyn Free Speech Channel 3 (Verizon 44, Cablevision 69, Time Warner 56, RCN 84). If you’re not in the Brooklyn, NY area or otherwise won’t be able to see it on TV, simply go to the Brooklyn Public Network site and watch Channel 3 for online streaming. Or… just click on the ALARMEDSHOW TV link above and watch the Brooklyn Public Network video stream. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend. Don’t miss it!

Late addition: It’s official, Alarmed Nation! Last night, at 11:29 pm EST, Charlie Biggs and his wife, Amps Caster-Biggs, welcomed their first child, Teresa Eulene. Both mother and child are recovering well. So congratulations to the family, and we wish them all the best!