Alarmed Nation News: 2/25/14

Alarmed Nation what up?!

Sorry there hasn’t been much of any news in the past few days, but we’ve been busy reorganizing the show and trying to improve your ALARMEDSHOW experience. We definitely have a few things to put you onto:

Our next TV broadcast date is Friday, March 7, 2014 at 11:30 pm EST on Brooklyn Public Network (BCAT – Time Warner 34, Cablevision 67, RCN 82, Verizon FiOS 42). As before, it will also be available online to you Alarmers who live outside of Brooklyn or don’t have cable.

Our sister Miss O is going to the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit in Boca Raton, Florida tomorrow.  As you know, she’d be a mover and shaker even if she wasn’t Queen of the Alarmed Nation, and she’s gonna definitely represent heavy for all the things she has her hand in.

Sunday’s show was off the wall. Charlie came back from his Barbados trip well rested and with a bunch of pictures, one of which he sent to the Brooklyn Nets on YES Twitter page (@netsonyes).  They liked it so much that they showed it during Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers (which they won, 108-102. Maybe Charlie’s a good luck charm).


We closed up Black Business Month by having Venus Sutton on the show in the first hour.  She runs a catering business called Everything Stikz (on Facebook and Instagram) and even brought some goodies for us to try.  Of course, Charlie brought half of it home, with his greedy ass.

For the second hour, we sat down with Stephanie Fleary, motivational speaker, author (“Dear Black Man”) and CEO of Empowered Stilettos. She had such an impact on the tone of the show that for once GLS was not compelled to hit on her… much.

In keeping with his black clothing pledge, Charlie wore a pair of KangaROOS from the ROOS-Shane&Shawn collection.  These joints are a modern take on the classic kicks with the side pocket (convenient for holding loose change or a spare condom) and are comfortable to wear, too.

Next week, we plan on having two guests again.  Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter to find out who they are! It all goes down this Sunday at 1:00 pm EST on and Get ALARMED!!!