ALARMED Nation News: 3/16/15

Alarmed Nation what up?!

It was just Charlie Biggs and Mr. L in Studio R yesterday. In continuing with the theme of Black Business Month, Charlie tried to get some dialogue going about the state of black business. Tried to…

"Ha! You tried having an intelligent conversation on The Alarmed Show!"

“Ha! You tried having an intelligent conversation on The Alarmed Show!”

On a much more interesting note, if you didn’t check out the show or any of our social media profiles, then you won’t know, but we did it! The Alarmed Show has been nominated for two BRIC Media B Free Awards! This year we’re in the running for Best Entertainment and Social Impact categories. As exciting and humbling it is just to be nominated, you can imagine we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a win.

New podcasts are on the way, so subscribe to or search for us on iTunes. Get over 100 episodes for free! Sunday we’ll be right back at it, so make sure you tune in to and at 1:00 pm EST for an all-new episode.

Tomorrow at 10:00 pm EST is another episode of ALARMEDSHOW TV. If you live in Brooklyn and have cable, tune in to Brooklyn Free Speech TV Channel 3 (Verizon 44, Cablevision 69, Time Warner 56, RCN 84). If you’re not in the Brooklyn, NY area or otherwise won’t be able to see it on TV, simply go to the Brooklyn Public Network site and watch Channel 3 for online streaming. Or… just click on the ALARMEDSHOW TV link above and watch the Brooklyn Free Speech TV video stream. It all goes down Tuesday at 10:00 pm EST. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend. Don’t miss it!

About Charlie Biggs

Charlie Biggs is the tall, dark, and devilishly handsome host, writer and co-producer of The Alarmed Show. A native of Brooklyn, NY, he enjoys music, movies, and books. Biggs lives in New Jersey with his wife and daughter.