ALARMED Nation News: 3/30/16

Alarmed Nation what up?! It’s that time of the year again, Alarmers. coque iphone The 3rd Annual B Free Awards are upon us, and once again, the crew you love to hate are up for not one, but two nominations! This year, The Alarmed Show is up for the B Hilarious Award (comedy), and the B Free 1st Amendment Award (given to shows that push the boundaries of free speech). coque iphone 7 Here’s hoping we take a Brickie home this year! Check it out this Saturday at 7:00 pm EST on! If you’ve noticed, we’ve been off for the past couple of weeks. coque huawei nova For the most part, outside work has been taking its toll on us and we haven’t been able to give the show our full attention. coque iphone xr Hopefully all that will change when we come back this Sunday (April 3rd) at 1:00 pm EST.