ALARMED Nation News: 8/25/14

Alarmed Nation what up?!

Charlie Biggs and Mr. L once again helmed the show, and once again the hot topic was Ferguson, MO. Charlie also had a story about a woman trying to buy him a drink… ok, it was coffee, but still…

Great news! BRIC Media just bought a new telephone interface for the studio, so we can take callers again! If you’re ever listening or watching us during the Sunday broadcast, don’t be a stranger; dial (718) 237-1658 and talk to us LIVE!

We also had a guest. Rapper V. Nova stopped by and the conversation got so interesting the show had to run overtime. If you saw it on, great. If not… we might be able to make it available for you. Maybe. In the meantime click the picture below to check out his latest single, “Smoke Break.” While you’re at it, you can follow him on social media to get up-to-date on his latest moves.



Congratulations to Miss O, who along with Yandy Smith and Melyssa Ford finished up a successful run of the play For Vixens Who’ve Considered Homicide When the Video Was Too Much. We hope to see her again this Sunday so she can tell us all about it.

As always, check out our podcast feed or search for us in iTunes. We’ll be back at it next Sunday at 1p EST with an all-new dose of craziness! We’ll see you then.