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Special Guest Post: Why You Need Steve Urkel in the Bedroom

A friend of Charlie Biggs posted something very interesting on Facebook some weeks ago. Intrigued as he was, he asked her to elaborate more. In the interest of discretion, Charlie’s friend prefers to be known as the Daughter of Omi. This is her story. There’s nothing like someone new in your life to remind you […]

Discretion Advised

Man talk is nothing new. Go to any bar, any barbecue, any barbershop in America, and you’ll hear men shooting the s**t about women, sports, women, cars, women, tools, women… did I mention women? The Internet has simultaneously increased the sophistication and the vulgarity of man talk. On the one hand, hashtags like #WomanCrushWednesday connect […]

Hot Sex Time Machine

It was a warm summer’s night in June 2003.  She had snuck me into her house about a half hour earlier, at 3:00 in the morning.  I had been let off work early and was too wired to go home, and she lived relatively close by.  So here I was, in some girl’s house.  In […]