Change of Pace

My wife and I are at a bit of a crisis in our lives, her especially. coque huawei pro I’ve learned that Amps can be pretty restless. She’s the kind of person who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. The problem is there’s so much in this life to experience that she often doesn’t know where to start, which can come across as indecisiveness at times. There is one thing she’s absolutely sure about, though; she’s starting to hate her job. This isn’t an uncommon complaint, Alarmers. We’ve all hated our jobs at one point or another. The monotony, the toxic work environments, the crappy pay – it crushes the soul. My wife, who’s a substitute teacher, is starting to find her work less and less rewarding as she encounters teachers and administrators who are more concerned with collecting a check than stimulating young minds. coque autres iphone As for me, my own day job is starting to suffocate me. I only took the job in the first place because it was what my mother wanted for me. coque huawei pro My mistake. I can’t fully blame my mother for pushing me into civil service; after all, she only wanted me to be stable and this was more or less the only way she knew it would happen, school not really being my bag until my late twenties when it was too late for her to really help with tuition and expenses. coque samsung a20 On the other hand, it does upset me a bit when she tells me I should give up entertaining. She doesn’t understand that when I’m behind a microphone or a computer, I’m at my happiest and most free. Giving up entertaining is like giving up a vital organ, I need it to live. I can only blame myself for not doing more to monetize my passion. coque iphone xs So here we are, two thirty-somethings absolutely miserable in our professional lives, which bleeds over into our personal lives. My wife has trouble sleeping at night, between being trapped in her own thoughts and me working nights. I’m often so tired during the day that I have little energy to interact with my family. The time we do get to ourselves is mostly spent complaining about our situation in life. But there is hope. coque huawei p9 Already Amps is kicking around ideas for a family business, and I want to finally get started on a career in voiceovers. I have access to a studio, she has access to clients, so why not? All it takes is the will to get started.