Cosby at the Gallows

It’s hard for me not to feel a little sorry for Bill Cosby. coque samsung a50 In the space of just over a year, he went from “America’s Dad” to “America’s Molester Uncle Everybody Keeps Letting Babysit.” I’m not here to argue guilt or innocence; I’ve already had a hard time forming an opinion, I do see both sides, and I doubt I’ll be able to convince any of you Alarmers one way or another. coque huawei p9 What I am here to say, however, is the same thing I’ve been saying for quite some time now; that while I do believe that the system is out to get black people and tear us down, not everything is a plot by the Powers That Be. Sometimes people f**k up. Badly.

Take for example Bill here, who apparently stubbed his toe on the bed post and is now using it to gain sympathy.


It’s unlikely that we’ll ever know the entire truth. coque samsung a10 Whether you believe his accusers, the fact remains that this cultural icon isn’t nearly as squeaky-clean as many believed; despite presuming to preach to the rest of us about our lifestyle choices and sexual habits, he had not only dabbled in illicit substances, he had been unfaithful to his wife of several decades. Infidelity isn’t as bad as sexual assault, but that’s kinda like saying getting hit upside the head with an aluminum bat isn’t as bad as getting gut-shot with a 12-gauge. They both hurt. A lot. coque iphone 4 And in this case, the thing that hurts the most, and has made it hard for some people to defend him, is the fact that he himself has not flat-out said “None of this is true.” F**k the lawyers, f**k Phylicia Rashad, f**k Cee Lo Green, f**k Eddie Griffin, and f**k Waka Flocka; with the exception of calling one accuser a liar and some rambling non-answer that had f**k-all to do with the question of “What do you think of the allegations?,” he’s said very little. One could chalk it up to letting his lawyers do all the talking, but how damaging could it be to your case, your image, your f**king legacy, to say “It’s not true?” It’s easy to look for conspiracies and the machinations of a power structure that looks to tear down icons of oppressed people, and sometimes there’s truth to it. But in this case, I think all that happened is that Cosby let out enough rope to hang himself, and the right amount of circumstances combined to open the trapdoor. coque samsung a5 Don’t worry, though, Alarmers; even if this is the end of Bill Cosby’s career, there’s always episodes of The Cosby Show on DVD.