Cracking the Safe

Now more than ever, people are concerned with fidelity. Men and women alike worry whether their significant other is loyal. I saw some corny Tweet the other day about La La Anthony, who rumor has it stepped out on her husband Carmelo with rapper Maino.nobody safe

Plenty of things in life should be safe. Your home. Your car. Your kids’ school. Sex. But if you’re in a relationship to be “safe,” your ass is barking up the wrong f**king tree, Alarmers. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is guaranteed, safe, or otherwise promised in a relationship. Even the value of wedding vows has seemed to decline in recent years, and those are supposed to be sacred.

So how can you be 100% sure that your relationship is gonna go the distance? How can you know that your man won’t come home smelling like another woman’s fluids? How can you be certain that some dude won’t run up on you in the street telling you that your woman tastes like breakfast cereal? You can’t. Get that s**t out your head right now. You can never be completely sure what you and your other have is rock solid; that’s why it’s called being faithful.

“I got a girl already. Go THAT way!”


The way I see it, every relationship involves some kind of risk. If you’ve got your head on straight, you take that risk based on what the other person has shown you of their character, but there’s never complete certainty. If you believe that both of you can handle the inevitable ups and downs of love, then by all means go for it. Just don’t go in with this fantasy that you absolutely know you can make it. You don’t. Nobody’s safe.

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