Daddy Biggs Chronicles: Not Your Part of the Show

As my second Father’s Day as a parent approaches, I’m learning that there’s a certain routine I can expect. My wife will come up to me about three weeks before, ask me what I want, I’ll say I don’t care, and she’ll surprise me with something. coque huawei p10 It’s very sweet. There’s one routine, however, that I find irritating and repulsive and it needs to stop. Immediately. There are a growing number of women who insist that they should be celebrated on Father’s Day as well, since as single parents (and it’s always single parents), they performed the work of both a mother and a father. Only they didn’t. Let’s look at it from a purely scientific standpoint. Did they produce the sperm that got them pregnant in the first place? No. So unless they reproduced asexually, it took two to make that baby. Whether the man chose (or was allowed) to be in the picture afterward is another matter entirely. If you did it by yourself, it doesn’t make you a father; it just makes you a really busy mother. coque autres huawei Trying to claim Father’s Day for single mothers sends the message that deadbeat dads are the norm, so it’s ok for women to celebrate it. You had your day already. Don’t come for ours. It’s insulting. coque autres huawei Probably the worst in all of this is this new shirt available from Old Navy, just in time for the holiday:

F**k you, Old Navy. Seriously.

Wow. F**k you, Old Navy. Seriously.


I was actually speechless for a while after seeing this for the first time. Disregarding the racially ambiguous model and what one could infer from that for the time being, I don’t know which is more offensive, the fact that Old Navy is validating the Father’s-Day-for-mothers crowd or the fact that they’re really only doing it to make a quick, shameless buck at the expense of women already hurting from men who have rejected them and/or the children they made together. coque samsung a6 Just about every father I know has been on his job from day one. coque iphone xr There are fathers who actively fight to be a part of their children’s lives if they aren’t with the mothers, doing everything from making regular treks out of state to spend time with their children, to suing for visitation or even outright custody. So don’t you dare tell me there aren’t any real fathers. GTFOH. In the end, I don’t do this fatherhood thing for the accolades. My wife gives me plenty of props, and she’s the only person whose opinion matters to me. I helped create a life, so it’s my responsibility to help nurture and protect that life. I don’t mind getting that one day to be celebrated and thanked for all I do to provide for my family.