Considering what I do, it’s very rare when the atmosphere of social media becomes toxic enough to my sanity that I must unplug. As I grow older, I try to remember that other people’s opinions are just as valid as mine. However, as most opinions I hear have no basis in f**king logic, it’s pretty hard to remember.

Case in point: recently, the Supreme Court made some pretty historic rulings, among them one that mandated that gay marriage must be recognized in all fifty states. First, I must extend congratulations to the LGBT community, as this is an issue I’ve always believed must be addressed for practical reasons, if nothing else. If a gay person wants to afford his or her partner the same rights and protection under the law as a straight person, should they not be allowed to do so? Why should a homophobic family that likely disowned a deceased member that get their grubby mitts on said member’s estate because their partner has no legal recourse? Besides, the church is under no obligation to perform a ceremony if it doesn’t want to. The ruling merely says that the union must recognized by states.

Anyway, the words had hardly left the majority’s mouths when my people took to social media and let the hate flow. Many people’s beef was that the ruling on gay marriage was a “distraction from real issues,” namely, the continued oppression and exploitation of black people.

Newsflash, brothers and sisters: not everything is a distraction from the struggle. It’s a big world out here, and everybody’s got it rough in some form or fashion. Sometimes, big news happens right after some more big news. Gay marriage being legal doesn’t make the massacre in Charleston any less horrific, nor does it diminish the constant thuggery of police towards the black community.

Part of the key to solving these issues is proaction. Too many of us (myself included) only holler “Black Lives Matter” when something happens to one of us. The massive protests last year were a step in the right direction, but if we were really serious about making change, it would be something that would happen at least once a month. We’d be taking more steps to make our communities more self-sufficient economically (something just about every other community in this country can claim). Yes, we still need our problems fixed, but giving the LGBT community the stink-eye isn’t gonna do it. Let’s stop being jelly and get ours.

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