ALARMED Nation News: 8/2/16

Alarmed Nation what up?! Sunday’s show was kicked off not only with the return of Charlie Biggs, but of past guest Patricia Murray who came to promote her newest venture, The Granola Whey. The Granola Whey is a line of healthy and delicious cookies especially for those pursuing a healthier and more active lifestyle. Check […]

The Color of Money

I’ve said it several times before, and I’ll say it again, Alarmers: we are living in some interesting times. With an increasingly polarized America in the face of Donald Trump’s Presidential candidacy, more publicized incidents of police brutality and the rise of Black Lives Matter, the world around us is causing me and mine to […]

ALARMED Nation News: 7/25/16

Alarmed Nation what up?! Last week Danny Diamonds came through and held us down with side dude wisdom. He came back yesterday to step in for Charlie Biggs, who took the day off to celebrate his second wedding anniversary (congrats to him). Chris Myers, an actor and producer of the upcoming indie series Guap kicked […]

In The Boondocks

I went down to Coney Island to check out the growing parkour community in New York.


  “Why do black people seem so angry?”