Stupid Is As Stupid Looks

I’ve been noticing an increasingly popular sentiment expressed on social media as of late. Folks have this fear of “looking stupid” in front of other people as a result of their partner’s actions.


In the Information Age, when social media has become more popular, many people feel the need to put on a front for others, be they friends, family, or complete strangers. People do it in different ways, whether they’re showing off their makeup skills, their money bands, or their weed stash. Of course, most people show off their relationships. What better way to show the world that you’re loved than by literally showing the person who loves you? Of course, if it all goes to hell, you’ve opened yourself up to all sorts of shade and questions. This relationship you were crowing about couldn’t have been all that solid if it ended, right?

I know I’m different than other people; years of ridicule for being such have sort of inoculated me from really caring terribly what other people think of me and my relationship. What do other people’s opinions of you and your relationship matter, anyway? Unless they’re legitimately concerned for your safety or your partner’s character, outside opinions mean exactly two things: jack and s**t. The way I see it, if you’re in a relationship because of what other people think, then you’re in it for the wrong reason. What do you think about the relationship? How does this person make you feel? Those are the questions you should be asking yourself. What other people think is irrelevant.

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About Charlie Biggs

Charlie Biggs is the tall, dark, and devilishly handsome host, writer and co-producer of The Alarmed Show. A native of Brooklyn, NY, he enjoys music, movies, and books. Biggs lives in New Jersey with his wife and daughter.