alarmed nation


In 1962, heavyweight boxing champion Charles “Sonny” Liston had established himself as the biggest, baddest fighter in the world, having put down his predecessor, Floyd Patterson, in the first round in two separate bouts. Not only could most boxers not stand up to his raw power, he was also very intimidating, a glowering, ferocious giant […]

Book ‘Em, Danno

Ok, so stop me if you’ve heard this story before: a teacher of good standing in his school violates his relationship with his students and is likely to be fired, pending a hearing, of course. Sounds familiar? It should. But here’s the twist, Alarmers – this teacher isn’t in trouble for touching children. His crime? […]

Stupid Is As Stupid Looks

I’ve been noticing an increasingly popular sentiment expressed on social media as of late. Folks have this fear of “looking stupid” in front of other people as a result of their partner’s actions. In the Information Age, when social media has become more popular, many people feel the need to put on a front for […]

Daddy Biggs Chronicles: When Just Saying “No” Goes Wrong

Last week (January 22nd), Janese Talton-Jackson was at a bar in Pittsburgh when a man approached her and asked her out. She rebuffed him and left the bar. The man followed her outside and shot her, killing her. The murderer was eventually apprehended, and I hope he faces justice for what he did. As I […]

Getting Played

I wanted a challenge for this month’s Black TNT. Any idiot can sit down and review a movie everybody knows, like Glory, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, or Belly. It takes some real due diligence to track down a lesser-known flick like A Piece of the Action. Some of these lesser-known flicks I’ve reviewed tend […]