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ALARMED Nation News: 6/20/16

Alarmed Nation what up?! We didn’t broadcast yesterday; Charlie Biggs and Mr. L wanted to spend Father’s Day with their families. We do intend to be back this Sunday for an all-new show, featuring special guest, author Jason Armstrong. We were at the 7th Annual Juneteenth Family Day on Saturday in Linden Park, Brooklyn. It […]

ALARMED Nation News: 6/6/16

Alarmed Nation what up?! Yesterday’s show was all over the place. We talked about the legacy of the late, great Muhammad Ali, the Troy Ave shooting, and other topics. We’ve managed to consolidate the operations at the studio, so we have one computer to run the music and the sound effects, and once we get […]

ALARMED Nation News: 10/5/15

Alarmed Nation what up?! We had a great show for the people yesterday. We were joined by recording artist Angie Rose and listened to some of her work. Definitely fire. Make sure you check her out on all social media under AngieRoseMusik, cuz that young lady is going places, and you’re gonna wanna witness it. […]