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ALARMED Nation News: 12/17/16   Recently updated !

Alarmed Nation what up?! Last week we had the last show of the year, and we gotta say, 2016 was rough. coque huawei p20 The world went through a lot of stuff, and we were there talking about all of it. coque huawei nova It’s that time of the year when we take a break, […]

ALARMED Nation News: 2/9/15   Recently updated !

Alarmed Nation what up?! We just couldn’t wait. We just had to try doing our thing in the new studio. coque samsung a6 Hopefully you’ll be seeing an entirely new format for The Alarmed Show in 2015. coque samsung a50 We caught up, recounting the things we did during our winter vacation, then talked about […]

ALARMED Nation News: 3/9/15   Recently updated !

Alarmed Nation what up?! Black Business Month continued with a conversation between the crew addressing the question: can you ever mix friends and business? Charlie Biggs and GLS swapped stories about working with friends. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes it didn’t. coque huawei pro Next week we’re expecting a guest to join us on the […]

Money Talks   Recently updated !

In what I hoped to make a tradition on The Alarmed Show, in February I started Black Business Month, where we highlight and promote black-owned and operated business in the New York area. The idea was to call attention to African-American entrepreneurs, bring them some business, and thereby do my own small part to support […]