black lives matter

No Nickel In My Quarter(back)

“You ain’t got no nickel in my quarter — no drink in my water!” This unusual turn of phrase is used by a coworker of mine whenever he feels it’s necessary to tell someone to mind their own business. The reason it came to mind is because of recent professional sports developments. Colin Kaepernick, quarterback […]

The Color of Money

I’ve said it several times before, and I’ll say it again, Alarmers: we are living in some interesting times. coque iphone xr With an increasingly polarized America in the face of Donald Trump’s Presidential candidacy, more publicized incidents of police brutality and the rise of Black Lives Matter, the world around us is causing me […]

Sheer Terror

I’m scared, Alarmers. coque huawei p30 Not of terrorists. coque samsung a70 At least, not “terrorists” as society in general understands the word. I don’t think my death will come at the hands of some raving lunatic screaming “Allahu Akbar” with an explosive vest strapped around his torso. coque huawei p9 When I think “terrorist,” […]