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Getting Played

I wanted a challenge for this month’s Black TNT. Any idiot can sit down and review a movie everybody knows, like Glory, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, or Belly. It takes some real due diligence to track down a lesser-known flick like A Piece of the Action. Some of these lesser-known flicks I’ve reviewed tend […]

Everything Wrong With Blade: Trinity

When I reviewed Blade: Trinity for Black Time Nerd Theater way back when, I don’t think I fully conveyed how completely botched and, dare I say, unnecessary that movie was. We all love Ryan Reynolds now for his portrayal of Deadpool (and I’ll admit it’s a damn good movie), but before that we had a […]

Trading Places

Beginning in 1980, the cast and crew of Saturday Night Live had hit a slump. Creator and producer Lorne Michaels had decided to bow out of the show, citing burnout. Most of the original cast followed suit. coque iphone xs At the same time, a nineteen-year-old kid from Bushwick, Brooklyn named Eddie Murphy managed to […]