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Everything Wrong With Blade: Trinity

When I reviewed Blade: Trinity for Black Time Nerd Theater way back when, I don’t think I fully conveyed how completely botched and, dare I say, unnecessary that movie was. We all love Ryan Reynolds now for his portrayal of Deadpool (and I’ll admit it’s a damn good movie), but before that we had a […]

Getting Played

I wanted a challenge for this month’s Black TNT. Any idiot can sit down and review a movie everybody knows, like Glory, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, or Belly. It takes some real due diligence to track down a lesser-known flick like A Piece of the Action. Some of these lesser-known flicks I’ve reviewed tend […]

A Diva’s Christmas Carol

I love Christmas. Even when I’m feeling down around the holiday season, there’s something about it that gets me into the spirit. In fact, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t like the holidays. Christmas is also the time for traditions; after all, what would Christmas be without an adaptation of […]

A Piece of the Action

Man, I love my job sometimes. Before the rape allegations, before he was America’s Dad, even before he “hey hey hey’d” his way onto children’s television as Fat Albert, Bill Cosby was making his name as a groundbreaking standup comic and Emmy Award-winning actor. Even today, despite the tarnish on his name, he is still […]