Daddy Biggs Chronicles: When Just Saying “No” Goes Wrong

Last week (January 22nd), Janese Talton-Jackson was at a bar in Pittsburgh when a man approached her and asked her out. She rebuffed him and left the bar. The man followed her outside and shot her, killing her. The murderer was eventually apprehended, and I hope he faces justice for what he did. As I […]

I Reject Your Reality…

I don’t know what to make of anything anymore. Apparently there’s a video circulating on known ratchet clickbait site MTO which depicts two “thugs” arguing. Just when you think they’re about to fight or shoot each other, they embrace and kiss. Talk about playing with your expectations. The video itself means nothing to me either […]

Special Guest Post: Why You Need Steve Urkel in the Bedroom

A friend of Charlie Biggs posted something very interesting on Facebook some weeks ago. Intrigued as he was, he asked her to elaborate more. In the interest of discretion, Charlie’s friend prefers to be known as the Daughter of Omi. This is her story. There’s nothing like someone new in your life to remind you […]