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ALARMED Nation News: 9/28/15

Alarmed Nation what up?! Yesterday, Miss O and GLS saw the new MooreBeats Studio for the first time. They… weren’t enthused. Still, we had a great show, even with Charlie Biggs fighting a cold and possibly giving it to everyone in the room. We are almost at 100% with ALARMED Radio, and we’re still looking […]

ALARMED Nation News: 8/10/15

Alarmed Nation what up? Yesterday’s show was a slighter looser format than usual. Charlie Biggs celebrated his impending to a new apartment, Miss O rededicated herself to her craft, and GLS told a story about a snob who could neither hold a conversation with poor people or her liquor. Classy. Next week we’ve scheduled the […]

ALARMED Nation News: 4/27/15

Alarmed Nation what up?! Yesterday we found ourselves in another space courtesy of Breather. It was much quieter than last week. Five stars, fellas. Five stars. Acting coach and casting director Marishka S. Phillips joined us on The Alarmed Show. She has taught several young men and young women, including our own Miss O herself. […]