twizzle the rl

ALARMED Nation News: 4/4/16

Alarmed Nation what up?! Even though we didn’t win the B Free Awards Saturday, we still had a special show in store for our Alarmers. Founder and big homie Twizzle the RL stopped by and rocked out with Charlie Biggs and Mr. L. Just like old times. Twizzle asked the tough questions, like “when is […]

ALARMED Nation News: 8/18/14

Alarmed Nation what up?! GLS had to miss yesterday’s show for personal issues, and Miss O is continuing to prepare for her show, For Vixens… In the meantime, Mr. L and Charlie Biggs discussed some of the hottest topics of the week, including the deaths of Michael Brown and Robin Williams. Alarmed Show founder Twizzle […]