Welcome to the Alarmed Show!

In 2005, four men from Brooklyn, New York came together to create a show with an unbridled, uncensored take on issues from a male point of view – and thus The Alarmed Show was born.  Billed as “barbershop talk” and “testosterone on steroids,” the Alarmed Crew, as these four men came to be known, dedicated themselves to taking on topics that mainstream media would not, and bring a more fun, laid-back feel to the radio.

Now, original members Charlie Biggs, GLS and Mr. L are still committed to delivering no holds barred content with an in-your-face approach. Though a few members of the crew have a penchant for generally pissing people off, this collective of misfits educate, entertain and enthrall as they cover the latest news and hot topics while highlighting local and global talent, businesses and events.

This is the home of the Alarmed Crew, hosts of the most outrageous and offensive shows on ALARMED Radio and Brooklyn Free Speech TV. Check it out every Sunday at 1:00 pm EST on live.alarmedshow.com.  Our television show, ALARMEDSHOW TV can also be seen at tv.alarmedshow.com every Tuesday at 10:00 pm EST.

While you’re here (wipe your feet on the way in, please), feel free to check out our blog posts, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or just listen to our podcasts. Whatever you do, have fun, and get ALARMED. Be sure to spread the word, too.

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