What’s Cookin’?

I don’t watch TV that often. coque huawei p30 I’m way too busy; between my “day job,” writing and producing The Alarmed Show, and trying to keep up with things in my personal life, I just don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy a show or a movie when I want. coque iphone xr However, I just happened to have some down time at work the other day, so I found myself watching Rachael Ray. She had Sunny Anderson (formerly of WQHT Hot 97) as her co-host. I remember listening to Sunny (now of TV’s The Kitchen) on the radio, but didn’t remember that she used to talk about cooking for her friends. As she and Rachael ran through all the dishes they were cooking for the show, I couldn’t help but notice that Sunny couldn’t exactly pass for a runway model – she’s got curves, reader. But lest you think I’m ogling Ms. Anderson (and risking the wrath of my beautiful and devoted girlfriend), let me just say that the only reason I’m bringing this up is because I tend to subscribe to the theory that many people who are culinarily inclined who also are a bit big cook better. It’s silly, yes, and it has no basis in reality, but I assume that a person who’s big and is a chef is eating their own cooking, so it must be good.

Best chef evah!
Best chef evah!

Back to Sunny. When the guys and I realized who Sunny was, we realized that we didn’t know what she looked like beforehand and that, truth be told, she was quite Squeak-able. coque huawei p10 The fact that she knew how to cook was a definite plus, too. coque huawei nova In fact, any woman who knows her way around a kitchen seems more attractive, no matter what she looks like. coque samsung a50

I'll never get tired of this picture...
I’ll never get tired of this picture…

It’s not that many men want their women in the kitchen barefoot and/or pregnant. It’s just that cooking for your mate is one of the most sensual acts of love possible, more so than anything you can do in the bedroom. Think about it; you’re stimulating your lover’s senses of sight, smell, and taste. Speaking as someone who loves food and enjoys cooking, what could be better than that? I believe that the quality of cooking is directly influenced by the cook’s emotions, and what better emotion is there than love? It works the other way for women, too. Miss O will tell you that she finds men who can cook incredibly sexy (I hope you’re taking notes, fellas), and Amps has always loved watching me do my thing in the kitchen and tasting the results. I can’t really think of a better way to completely seduce a woman than to offer to cook for her (your cooking has to be edible, mind you). coque autres galaxy samsung Wine is fine, candy’s dandy, but a dish you made from scratch will make the panties drop. It seems that domestic skills are becoming a lost art, especially cooking. I often came across women who couldn’t boil water, yet wanted to be wives and mothers. coque iphone xs does-not-compute Yeah, doesn’t make any sense to me, either. There are millions of people who claim they want to be in relationships but have no idea how to attract and keep the people they want. That’s a post for another time. For now, I’ll just say that cooking helps, especially with a lot of men. Women who cook are sexy. It shows that the woman genuinely wants to take care of us. It’s not the only way to get a man to seal the deal, but I will argue that it’s one of them, and one of the most important things that a man who is so inclined takes into account when considering a long-term relationship. So ladies, forget those ten sex moves you read in that magazine in the doctor’s office. Toss out that new wardrobe guaranteed to turn heads.