Words Are So Easy to Say…

As we come ever closer to Valentine’s Day, the Day of Love, I’m reminded of a post I wrote last year as I was preparing to take my then-girlfriend to Barbados to meet my family. I recalled how I used to fret about how I would top my efforts in the years to come, something that would have been difficult, if not nigh impossible given my means and work schedule. At the end, I came to the conclusion that a bad V-Day doesn’t invalidate the relationship for the rest of the year, and that the day should be a high point in the relationship, not the relationship itself.


“Bae, you know I woulda got you flowers, but see, the way my account is set up…”

Love is probably the most mysterious thing in the world. It comes in so many forms, and people search their whole lives for “the perfect love,” only to be bitterly disappointed. I think the problem with so many people’s pursuit of love is that most people assume that love begins and ends with the emotion. Being in love is great; as a man who’s been in love before, I have to admit that few things in life compare. However, just feeling the emotion or having someone tell you they feel it for you isn’t the end-all, be-all. Anyone can say “I love you.” There have been times I’ve told a woman I loved her and didn’t mean it, or was so caught up in the good-good that all logic and common sense went right out the window. How do you know whether the one you’re with loves you?
They do things to show you! In the year 2015, there is no reason why women in particular should know the words to “Show Me Love” and not analyzed what that s**t means by now. Now that I’ve got a baby, showing my wife love is more important than ever. Because she spends more time with Teresa than I do, Amps has less time to relax, recharge and collect herself. She especially doesn’t get the kind of sleep she needs. So because I love my wife, at the time of this writing I am up in the living room watching over our daughter at 5:30 am, having not laid down in the bedroom since the previous morning. Amps is in a coma.


“Wake me up when it’s St. Patrick’s Day.”

Folks, I may be new at this marriage thing, and I’m certainly not the guy to go to for relationship advice in general, but I do know that the key to relationships is the little things. Ladies, your man shouldn’t be concerned about your orgasm only after an argument. Fellas, your woman shouldn’t only cook your favorite meal on your birthday. So as you celebrate this coming Valentine’s Day with the one you love (or don’t, I won’t judge), remember to try and keep that loving feeling all year round if you expect to make it to next February 14th. Words and thoughts are meaningless if they aren’t backed up by action. Simmering flames last longer than raging fires. Don’t burn out.

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